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16 September 2013 @ 06:43 am
Hi friends!

For those who wander over to my blog, most of my older posts aren't public anymore (I was embarrassing in high school ok).

I'm still very active on LJ, mostly over at exochocolate and omonatheydidnt and a few other comms, and through a lot of PM-ing and gif-spamming on other people's LJs.

But friend me and PM me so I know who you are, and I'll friend you back right away and we'll figure out what platform to spazz best on :)

Psst. I haz a tumblr nao (I just started, and IDK what to do with it, so it's empty rn, but it may not be in the near future). But here : http://fuzzylllama.tumblr.com/

Come party with meeeeee!